Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vegetables for Breakfast? Why Not!!

I was at my doctor's last week, and among other things had a nice chat with him about my continuous battle with my weight… Yes, I've lost quite a bit, but when I decide to take a break from being fastidious about it I gain… Before you start "guessing" what I do wrong, everyone who knows me will tell you I don't overeat or indulge - and my doctor understands this.

So, we went over what I have & haven't been doing… and the only thing he would change is that I would get into a consistent exercise routine… yep, knew that… again please don't judge, I've been trying to find something that works…

Then my doctor mentioned something he and his wife started doing after a trip to Greece (long story), they started eating breakfasts that were mostly vegetables… he suggested I try it as a way to see if I could get my metabolism off to a good start without a lot of calories.  Well, I LOVE vegetables, so I thought I'd give it a try…

Here are the first two veggie breakfasts I had, and I'm loving them!

Veggie Breakfast #1:

Small fry pan, sprayed with Olive Oil.
1/2 cup Asparagus, diced
1/2 cup Cauliflower, diced
1/4 cup Bell Pepper, diced
<1/4 cup Onion, diced
1 Tbl Pine Nuts
Sprinkled with Penzey's "Rocky Mountain" (use whatever dry spice you like)

After being sautéd & before I ate (yes, that's a small plate)… So Yummy!!

Veggie Breakfast #2:

I didn't measure this time, but ingredients were: Asparagus, Onion, Bell Pepper, Cauliflower, Grated Crook Neck Squash.  Also I added 1/4 of a Chicken Juicy Lucy patty (my 1/2 veggie recipe), some dry spices (I used Penzy's "Parisien" & some sea salt)… after that was all sautéd I added….

Some fresh Spinach, stirred it in and cooked just long enough to wilt...

Oh My, was that Wonderful!!

I'm really liking this new approach to breakfast, not saying I'll do this every day (sometimes there's just not that much time in the mornings), but it's definitely something new to add to my "arsenal".

My doctor also suggested that if I needed I could add a slice of toast, but I haven't needed.  What I have done is follow up a couple hours later with a late morning snack of a Banana.


Update - I'm continuing to experiment, and have trued other variations of the types you've seen above… here are a couple other things I've done….

Veggie Breakfast #3:

This one started much like the previous… a small saucepan was used to sauté some vegetables, then...

I added in some Spinach Feta Pine Nut soup that was left over from dinner the night before, warmed it all up and got...

Another wonderful veggie breakfast!!

Veggie Breakfast #4:

Simplest one yet...

Warmed up African Peanut Stew… I could have added more spinach to lighten it up more for my breakfast, but I was out… perhaps another time :)

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